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Patrick Lam

( Senior Managing Partner )

Our Services

Insurance Related Concerns

With any accident, claims for damages and injuries made against an insurance policy has the potential to be fraudulent. Our tasks are to investigate those potential fraudulent claims to help minimize your exposure and limit your costs.

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WCB & Disability Insurance Claims

All fraudulent claims affect a company’s productivity and overall profitability. With the current economic conditions in Alberta, potentially fraudulent claims are on the rise. Be proactive and protect your interest.

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Corporate Investigations

Our team provides investigative solutions for our corporate clients to assist with limiting their exposure to liability, maintaining daily operations and increasing profitability. We can investigate various background concerns including suspected fraud, internal thefts, non-work related activities during work hours and due diligence.

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Litigation Support

For our Legal and Professional clients, we are here to assist with various matters which may expand or enhance the information during or in anticipation of litigation. Our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) applies their experience to conduct complex scene investigations, locate and interview persons of interest and develop detailed background profiles.

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Domestic Relations

Our aim is to provide you with factual information which will allow you to move forward confidently with your decisions. Our investigations are supported by time/dated video and photography and specific background information. We partner with supporting agencies, lawyers and professionals who can assist you in timely decision making.

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Open-Source Cyber Investigations

Open Source Investigations (OSINT) entails intelligence gathering from public sources. Our team of analysts will locate, capture, and secure evidence to assist our clients in meeting their objectives. Digital evidence is collected and secured to prevent altering and to assist in litigation. Social media analysis has become an effective tool in combating fraud. We have OSINT packages that focus on insurance claim related investigations. We also provide these services to legal, corporate and private clients.

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