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For over 15 years, PRIME Investigative Group has been dedicated to providing our Corporate clients with comprehensive investigation and surveillance support services.  Our goal is to ensure the profitability of their business and to promote the safety and security of their key personnel, employees and customers.  An effective investigation will assist to identify and resolve possible internal and or external unlawful activities in order to insulate the business and its principals from liability.

All investigations undertaken by our agency are client-specific. By thoroughly defining, planning and implementing a course of action within established budgetary limits, our goal is to achieve the most effective, practical and valuable results for our clients.

Our Corporate related services include but are not limited to:

  • Anton Pillar Orders
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Confidentiality and Non-compete Agreements
  • Conflict of Interest Investigations
  • Corporate Fraud / Theft
  • Corporate & Investor Due Diligence
  • Electronic & Intrusion Device Sweeping and Debugging
  • Employee Integrity and Work Related Contracts
  • Intellectual Property Rights Security
  • Intrusion Testing
  • Loss Prevention and Internal & External Theft
  • Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Violations
  • Pre-Employment Screening & Internal Investigations
  • Tenant Screening
  • Workers Compensation and Disability Claim Investigations

Some of the more common services that we provide to our Corporate clients are:

Internal and External Loss Prevention Investigation

We will provide the appropriate consultation, investigation, covert intelligence and surveillance in support of our clients concerns.  Our objective is to verify the legitimacy of suspected internal or external theft, fraud, conflict of interest, intellectual property concerns and contractual violations of your employees and contractors. The collected evidence will allow our clients to be better informed and prepared in support of their rights.   All evidence and information developed will be provided in a court acceptable manner for your disposition.

WCB / Insurance & Disability Claim Verification

Our team will provide investigation support, including discreet covert video surveillance, to assist in verifying the legitimacy of workers’ compensation or private insurance disability claims.  Whether the claimant is exaggerating the injury or malingering through the healing process, video evidence will document the physical condition, activities and process of recovery of a claimant. We will provide all evidence in a court acceptable manner and will corroborate our findings through testimony in hearings, negotiations or court settings.  Having an objective “eye” on the claimant, supported by video and covert video, will allow our clients to observe the condition of the claimant and make informed decisions regarding claims settlement.

Pre-employment Screening

Our experience confirms that employees at all levels, having misrepresented their education, business credentials or personal history, could result in serious criminal or civil implications and subsequent financial liability and creditability for an organization. Our firm can assist in the vetting of educational and professional accreditation, previous employment and personal issues.  Our objective is to obtain the information in a timely manner and have the results in front of our client to make those critical decisions. Our experience strongly indicates that had a thorough pre-employment screening process taken place during the hiring process, this would have, in some cases, eliminated a costly and frustrating investigation and legal process.