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Domestic Relations

Our Investigative Team has provided effective and valuable results to our private clients and Family Law practitioners over the last 15 years.  Whether your situation revolves around suspicions of a cheating spouse or frustrations that a former-partner is not meeting their financial obligations through a Maintenance Enforcement Order or concerns with a parent’s commitment to the child custody arrangement, you can be assured that we will handle your circumstances with the discreetness and professionalism you deserve.

Our Domestic investigation services include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting surveillance to determine Infidelity
  • Determining income sources in regards to Maintenance Enforcement Orders
  • Proving Child Custody Order requirements or breaches
  • Monitoring Child Custody Transfers and Parental Access using discreet video photography
  • Conducting Background Investigations, including Asset Determination and Criminal/Civil Court history
  • Locate of family members, friends and persons of interest

Our initial consultation is free of charge to allow us to assess and recommend an appropriate investigative strategy for you.  The cost of each investigation varies depending on individual circumstances and request; however we will ensure that each client receives the most cost-effective investigation for their concerns.

If you prefer, we will maintain regular communication with you throughout the investigative process to ensure that you are kept abreast of the developments.  Alternatively, we can conduct the investigation discreetly and thoroughly and communicate to you with the results at the conclusion of the investigation.  We will be discreet and professional with all our communication with you.

All interactions with our agency are CONFIDENTIAL


If you have doubts about hiring a Private Investigator to watch your partner, we can empathize with that decision. It will likely be one of the hardest and emotionally-charged decisions that you will have to make.

This is a very difficult situation for you. You want to believe your partner and yet, your “gut” tells you that something is wrong. Your life has been taken over by doubts in your mind and in your heart.  Unfortunately, once someone seriously suspects infidelity, more often than not, those suspicions are correct. Now is the time to objectively prove it to yourself, your family and (if need be) to the Courts.

You need to call us! Trust that we will not take your decision to call upon our services lightly. We will explain to you what can be done, how it can be done and what realistic results can be obtained from our investigation. We will explain the costs involved and work with you within your budgetary restraints.

We can discreetly watch your partner’s activities using video and hidden video cameras.  We offer to you our discreet and confidential service at your time of uncertainty as we objectively obtain evidence for your review and evaluation of your suspicions.

Even if it’s not to meet with a new “lover”, lying about going to the gym or having a coffee with a buddy could be an underlying red flag to other lies.

Background Investigations

We can discreetly determine or verify a partner’s past or current information. A background Investigation encompasses many areas such as past marital status, current employment location, asset determination, financial availability profile and criminal court history.  We will discuss with you what can and cannot be accomplished due to current Privacy and Personal Information laws.

A common request for our agency is to conduct a Locate of a person.  In most cases, it’s an old friend or an estranged family member or a participant in a lawsuit.  In cases where we are looking for family or friends, we follow a strict “Right of First Contact” policy. Please review the policy in our Policies section.  If we are conducting a Locate for a legal (pending or active) proceeding or you have current Legal Representation, we can waive this policy.  You must provide to us clear evidence of this condition.

Maintenance Enforcement and Custody Issues

In cases where an ex-partner is not fulfilling their financial obligations, we help our clients with investigative options such as background inquiries and surveillance investigations.  We can locate a new address and / or determine an undisclosed place of employment and have this evidence forwarded to the appropriate authorities (ie. MEP) to assist with wage garnishment or settlement of a financial debt.  You already have a legal judgment in your favor, let us assist you with gathering information to have your rights upheld.

In circumstances where you suspect that one parent is not taking care of a child in the proper manner while in their custody, you need solid evidence to substantiate the suspected emotional or physical neglects.  We can discreetly monitor the child while in the custody of the parent and obtain evidence to help you assess your concerns.  In scenarios where you require objective documentation of a custody transfer, we can be at the appointed time and location to monitor this interaction.  We will discreetly document the exchange using our video equipment to ensure that the evidence is court acceptable. This service is usually requested after one parent accuses the other parent with either being late for the exchange or is confrontational during the exchange.