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Insurance Related Concerns

“Accident Benefits, Accidental Death, Bodily Injury, Commercial, Long and Short term Disability, Fatality, Personal Injury, Personal, Professional and Product Liability, Suspicious Death, Suspicious Fire and Property Loss, Travel, WCB”

An industry leader for over 23 years, our Investigators have been consistently providing our insurance clients with effective, practical and valuable results.  With an intimate understanding of an Adjuster’s claim settlements needs and budgetary restrictions within the process, our investigators deliver a product that is both timely and useful to each claim.  In many cases, our investigative results allowed our clients to gain significant savings with their claim settlements.

Our insurance related services can include but are not limited to:

  • SIU claim investigations
  • Video Surveillance (Bodily Injury)
  • Positive claimant identification
  • Discreet video surveillance to provide an objective documentation of claimant’s current physical condition
  • Verification of current employment status
  • Identification of all bodily injury history and claims pre-and-post date of loss
  • Financial assessment
  • Identification and location of insureds, witnesses or persons of interest
  • Professional interviews and securing of admissible statements
  • Scene examination and securing of physical and photographic evidence
  • Verification of underwriting and bond application information
  • Liaison with law enforcement and government regulators
  • Full subrogation and litigation support

Video Surveillance

Our firm specializes in discreet video surveillance.  Our ability to secure such video evidence provides an accurate and objective representation of an individual’s current activity level and overall physical condition. Our Investigators maintain state of the art video photographic equipment including full covert capabilities, which has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of photographic evidence obtained in public areas such as sporting events, fitness centres, places of employment, shopping centers, big box stores and eating establishments.

Our surveillance techniques, developed over years in law enforcement and as surveillance specialists, ensure that discreetly obtained photographic evidence will be presented in a court acceptable manner. All surveillance is effectively managed to achieve maximum results within our client’s budgetary requirements. Each investigation request undergoes a thorough analysis of your objectives prior to commencement.  We will complete each investigation in a timely manner and properly provide updates to meet your diary dates.

Insurance Claim Investigations

Our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is comprised of a team of experienced insurance and law enforcement investigators.   Our team’s experience in adjudicating complex property, automobile, casualty, and commercial insurance claims allows us to analyze claim scenarios and gather the details necessary to bring resolution to the claim process.

Our SIU division handles a variety of claim investigations, including but not limited to:

  • Suspected Insurance fraud
  • Liability disputes
  • Life Insurance related frauds
  • Bodily Injury
  • Accident Benefits
  • Alcohol related investigations
  • Auto Theft
  • Property Fires
  • Statutory Condition breaches and violations
  • Staged accidents
  • Cloned vehicles
  • Complex content claims (arising from fires and thefts)

Our extensive network of confidential sources and experts are at the disposal of our clients as we work towards a resolution.

We work toward meeting your goals by carefully planning and then executing an investigative course of action.  Our final product is presented in detailed reports which clearly outline the secured evidence and investigative findings.